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Blogfa is a world-class weblog service for persian language speakers. It is designed to enable persian people to rapidly configure and deploy weblogs for personal, as well as for marketing purposes.
Blogfa is a wholly-owned product of Ravand Cybertech Inc developed by Alireza Shirazi. Its headquarters are located in Ontario, Canada

About Ravand Cybertech, Inc

Since 1999, Ravand Cybertech, Inc. has been developing, maintaining and hosting websites for businesses ranging in size from large corporations to state and federal organizations as well as small businesses/sole proprietorships. In 1999 we expanded our service list to include Internet marketing services and dedicated servers for large and small businesses. Located in Ontario, Canada we service all over the world!

We bring together talented professionals with ideas and expertise to provide solutions unique to each of our web site projects. The designers, developers and Marketing Experts at Ravand possess over 15 combined years of knowledge and experience that guarantees our clients do receive the highest quality, performance and functionality for their Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites. Our solutions are based on a combination of the latest technology, hi-tech equipment, comprehensive business experience and competitive rates.

Legal Department & Abuse Complaints
Please refer to Ravand Cybertech INC for all inquires relating to legal matters or abuse complaints as well as all of the necessary contact information.

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